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DEQ Introduces G3 Progressive Baccarat Table System to StarWorld Macau

On May 18th, 2008, casino table games, jackpot and gaming solutions provider DEQ Systems and their gaming partner Paltronics Macau Limit have announced the set-up of the 8 G3 baccarat progressive gambling tables at the Star World Hotel and Casino located in the former Portuguese colony. The gambling system was put up by Paltronics Macau Limited and it will be publicly known as Paltronics G3.

As a part of the gaming property licensing agreement that was made between the two companies, Paltronics Macau has licensed DEQ's G3 casino table games bonusing patents to factor in DEQ's one-of-a kind bonusing features to their One Link product portfolio. DEQ's G3 One Link Casino Table gaming system is accessible for the very first time in the top casino market in Asia.

The StarWorld Casino facility is the initial entertainment facility of Galaxy Entertainment Organizations and manages over two hundred sixty tables. Earle G. Hall, DEQ's President and Chief Executive Officer said that being given the chance to enter the world's biggest casino market, which is growing at a rapid rate compared with other gaming Meccas all over the world like the Las Vegas strip. Hall said that they are in a good position to ensure a good future for the company.

They are proud to offer the baccarat hand table tracking system to the biggest baccarat market all over the world. The Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Macau, Ciaran Carruthers said that they are content to offer a good product like the G3 enabled single link table system to their baccarat tables. This product will ensure the growth of their profits in the game of baccarat.

The Regional Sales Manager for Paltronics Macau Kylie Rogers said that they are happy to debut in the Macau casino table games market and are looking forward on what this development will bring to the organization.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Kate Foster

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