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Casino Revenues in Macau Continues Strong Improvement

On January 22nd, 2008, the former colony of Macau became the most profitable gaming location last year, even exceeding perennial leader Las Vegas' profits. It even came to the point that the profits of Las Vegas were threatened by the former colony.

Since the monopoly held by Stanley Ho ended in 2004, a bunch of Las Vegas gaming tycoons like Sheldon Adelson rushed in to the country to answer the demand for gaming in Asia and has resulted in an unimaginable growth for the country. Stanley Ho is still controlling eighteen casinos, but the addition of new casinos is still ongoing in a very fast pace.

After earning $6.5 billion in profits in 2006, Macau improved to $10.3 billion. Nevada reported $12.7 billion in total income in 2007. About seventy percent of the continent's total profits were produced by the baccarat tables, which is a total of $6.9 billion like what slot machines and other casino table games produced last year. This is just exactly the pattern that is existing in the Las Vegas strip, which shows improvement in profits because of exceptional increase in VIPs, especially at baccarat games.

It seems likely that at least in the near future; casino facilities will try to improve their service to the most top player. While any form of revenue is an acceptable revenue, the simplest way to effectively compete with other gambling destinations is to give service to the average gambler but give the most top class service when it comes to VIPs.


Sunday, February 03, 2008
John Palmer

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