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Cantor Gaming Receives Recognition for eDeck

Cantor Gaming announced on November 15th, 2009 that its eDeck gaming product has been recognized by the Global Gaming Business Magazine's 8th Annual Gaming and Technology Awards for excellence in the category of "Best Casino Table Game Product".

The recognition will be presented at the yearly G2E conference on November 18th, 2009 on the G2E entertainment stage. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Cantor Gaming, Lee Amaitis, said that they always strive to make one-of-a kind gaming technology that will enhance the gaming experience.

Amaitis said that Cantor Gaming's history has been filled with creating sophisticated financial dealing systems and they have applied this expertise to the creation and development of the eDeck. He added that they are constantly looking to introduce the innovation to the gaming industry and they are very happy to receive this recognition of their efforts.

The Chief of Technology at Cantor Gaming, Sunny Tara, said that they are happy their efforts were recognized by Global Gaming Business Magazine's Gaming and Technology Awards. Tara said that extensive study and development has gone into the creation of the eDeck and they are very confident that it will influence the gambling landscape in Las Vegas as well as gaming all over the world.

She added that by offering gamers a new way to be on sports and casino tables games on the go, they believe that eDeck will revolutionize the casino gaming market. Cantor Gaming is an affiliate of worldwide financial services organization Cantor Fitzgerald LP, which has more than sixty years of experience in global financial transaction, management and execution.

Cantor Gaming features mobile solutions to the gaming industry through its mobile gambling device, eDeck. eDeck offers casino gamers the opportunity to play familiar casino games like baccarat within the assigned areas of the casino facility, away from the gaming floor. Aside from that, Cantor Gaming has created a suite of proprietary casino games for eDeck like XtraOdds Baccarat and XtraOdds Blackjack.


Thursday, December 10, 2009
Kate Foster

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