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Caesars Palace Creates Baccarat Pavillion For Asians

In attempt to attract more Asian high rollers to the Las Vegas casinos and hotels, Ceasars Palace has constructed the Fortune Gaming Pavillion at a cost of more than four bmillion dollars.

Ceasars Palace Fortune Gaming Pavillion offers thirteen gaming tables that are surrounded by magnificent Ming dynasty inspired decorations.

The wood that used was brought exclusively from Shanghai and the solid pieces were constructed the way traditional Chinese houses are built. The casino dealers at Caesars Palace Fortune Gaming Pavilion are Asians.

The games offered are top choices of Asians like pai gow, blackjack and baccarat.

Baccarat is the utmost favorite of Asian players.

Similarly, the Caesars Palace Atlantic City plans to build an Asian theme game rooms which is estimated to be worth fifteen million dollars.

Aside from the casino games, the casinos are planning to include Mahjong as well.

According to the managers of the casinos, they have not found the right way to introduce the mahjong game to the casino.

As an added attraction, each casino player can qualify for a Diamond status.

Diamond status is given as a result of reward credits earned by casino players.

The more the player gambles, the more credits he earns and the higher the players status will elevate.


Monday, August 28, 2006
Kate Foster

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