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Instant Play Casino comes up at Bwin

Bwin. Com players can now rejoice over the new list of 75 games and large jackpots, plus €3 million in prizes. The list includes games like Melon Madness, The Godfather and Snow Business.

Besides all these, Bwin has improved the gaming experience for its players with a new facility called My Casino, which players can use to check promotions and casino points as well as connect to their casino accounts through their single e-wallet, without having to transfer chips before the game.

According to the Group Director Casino&Games at Bwin, Daniel Better, the new Bwin Instant Casino is the result of the first consumer-oriented blend project  from the fusion between Bwin and PartyGaming in March 2011.

To celebrate the launch of the new casino, offers players the chance to win amazing prizes, including iPad2’s, a Ski World Cup VIP package at the first class downhill ski race in Hanhenkamm , Austria, for two persons, and a 5 star holiday for two in Las Vegas.

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