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Betfair launches Berts Baccarat

The revolution of the Betfair Games continues with the launch of Exchange Baccarat, a take on favorite classical card game by Betfair. The Exchange Baccarat allows baccarat players to set the odds they want, set a back and lay as the game progresses.

Baccarat, considered James Bond's favorite game, is one of the most popular and favorite casino games on the net. With the other Exchange games of Betfair, players can bet against one another and if the baccarat player is not happy with the odds being offered, the baccarat player can always ask for better ones.

Betfair's launching of Exchange Blackjack and Exchange Poker has been hugely supported by many casino players. It attracted more than thirty five thousand casino online players and supporters since the premier launch last year.

Betfair's co-founder Andrew 'Bert' Black is the one behind the Exchange games and that's why the casino game was renamed to Bert's Baccarat for his honor.

Exchange Baccarat is highly anticipated that it will a be monstrous hit in the Asian market where Asian baccarat is a game that every hopeful roller is enjoying. Betfair is hopeful in tapping the online market, relying on the spirit of fair play of the system and the high value it offers over the traditional games.

According to Steve Ives, the Director of Games for Betfair, the Exchange games are a fantastically innovative. He added that "never before has such a level playing field been created for online gaming." Baccarat players will definitely enjoy the all new exciting Exchange Baccarat of Betfair because Bert's Baccarat offers a better value than the conventional game because the customers is free to place their bets at any odds they want.

Exchange games are a sub brand of Betfair Games. The Betfair's Exchange games, Exchange Blackjack and Exchange Poker were launch under the license in Malta. Both of these products are widely acceptable and it even exceeded the high expectations.

Betfair is now widening its operations to support a range of new game products. There will be a more aggressive campaign of new products for the next six to twelve months.

Exchange game players can have the chance to post the odds that they are interested to bet. Another casino player can then match these odds. When there is a high considerable liquidity in the market like a sizable number of players and backers, the odds of winning will increase.

Visit the online site of Betfair and experience a new wonderful exchange casino games.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Kate Foster

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