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Barona Debuts DEQ Baccarat Tables

On September 17th, 2007, it was publicly announced that the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino facility is putting up brand new baccarat tables that have LCD screens accompanied with good and clear gambling sounds.

Earl G. Hall, the DEQ Systems Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer EZTRAK said that their company's baccarat table helps players in keeping track of their progress with the use of physical statistics and keeping track of present and past data from the shoe. The main difference of DEQ systems' baccarat table from the normal baccarat table is that they have removed the casino commission.

In the normal baccarat table, players will have to pay a 5% commission if they bet on the banker hand. There is no commission required for the wagers on the player hand. This is good news for baccarat lovers because they will not be anymore bothered by the fact that they have to pay a percentage of their winnings to the casino.

Barona's Director of Table Games, Michael Patterson said that they are very happy to be the first casino in the state of California to feature DEQ's EZ Baccarat tables on their gambling floor. He added that this new development in baccarat gaming plays in a faster pace compared to the regular baccarat with commission and offers a more interesting gaming experience for players.

It's a one-of-a kind good situation for both the gamer and the house. But it remains to be seen if a faster pace is good in the game or not considering a player's bankroll. It also does not mean that because of the advantage of wagering on the banker hand rather than the player hand, it makes an unequal wagering opportunity.

So how does the house make any profit if the commission is removed from the new baccarat table of EZ Q? The EZ Baccarat table removes the commission and replaces the 5% commission on a winning bank hand by "prohibiting" one winning banker hand, which is a 3 card total of seven called the Dragon seven. Gamblers can make an insurance wager call the Dragon 7 wager that gives a total payout of 40:1 ratio when a 3 card bank hand happens.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Kate Foster

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