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Baccarat Revenues Up In June

Baccarat revenues are up twenty two percent in Las Vegas casinos for the month of June.

The casino game for high rollers, baccarat players have lost thirty six percent at the baccarat tables in the Strip.

But the casino analysts say that casinos are lagging due to the continuing increase of gas prices and other economic related issues.

Las Vegas casino operators geared up for the single digit revenues for the remaining months of the second quarter.

Gaming companies admitted that the consumers are now budget conscious and the spending habits had decrease.

Slot machine, a strong earner for the past year have also dropped down six percent in June

The Gaming Control Board figures reveal that the amount the players had bet on the table games has dropped by thirteen percent while poker betting was down by nine percent.

According to Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, who had previously deny that the gas costs are relatively hurting the business, the gas prices and the slowing economy has some serious affect to the casino business.

However, Bill Lerner, stock analyst of Deutsche Bank Securities, talk is of casino business slowing down but he is positive on the speculations of the high roller market.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006
John Palmer

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