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Baccarat Players Play for Millions

Baccarat player are known the world over for being high rollers, but have you ever asked yourself how much money actually changes hands in those games. Well, this is where we will tell you.

Usually, the high rollers come with packages, meaning, they have a relationship with the casinos, who give them free lodging, free flights and extra perks. In exchange, the players play at the casino. The sums that are played can reach the millions of dollars. More often, though, they are in the hundreds of thousand of dollars. These are very rich people, who can afford to play with leisure, since they have so much money

However, for those of us who do not belong to the jet set, do we accept the fact that we were not born with millions of dollars? Are we banned from playing baccarat? Assuredly not. We can play whenever wish, all in the online casinos. We as players do not have to play for millions of dollars. We can play for more modest sums of money, without having to shell out our life savings.

Written by Max Friedrich, Correspondent 22.08.05

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