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Baccarat Odds

The famous game of Baccarat involves luck and strategic, it's not without cause that the Baccarat is well known for the high stakes involved in this luxuries game. but beside luck and strategic, the player must known the Baccarat odds if he wished to clean the table.

If you still haven't read about the basic rules of baccarat, I advise you to go through them before moving on, Since without the basic knowledge of the rules, the next paragraphs might be difficult to understand.

Most of the Baccarat games are played with six or eight card decks and the rules are strict thus making little room to manipulate the Baccarat odds. The house winning odds are 45.8%, while you winning odds are 44.6%. which leaves a 9.5% chance for a tie. The casinos payout for a tie are 8:1, when in reality it should be 9.47:1 which represent the actual odds.

Although some might say that trying to memorize the cards will tip the odds in your favor, this is not true. If you compare the memorizing method in Baccarat against the same method that is being used in Blackjack, then it is nine times less efficient. Also keep in mind that in many tables they shuffle the card decks after every hand.

David Ferris, Editor
11th of November, 2005

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