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Baccarat Linked To Loan Sharking And Kidnapping

The Richmond, Canada police have announced that the high roller's game, baccarat, is linked to loan sharking and kidnapping.

Loan sharking is lending money with a very high interest rate and it is not legal.

Casino employees that have requested anonymity have confirmed that loan sharking happens every night in their casinos, particularly in the high roller baccarat rooms.

According to these employees, loan sharking usually happens in the VIP rooms that offers baccarat where players wager tens of thousands of dollars on a single hand.

RCMP Supt. Ward Clapham announced last August 12 that the police, with the assistance of gambling enforcement officers, will launch a crackdown on the crimes related to gambling.

Clapham vowed that the time has come to stop illegal loan sharking, kidnapping and other gambling related crimes.

Clapham said that investigation and intelligence shows that there is an alarming increase of loan sharks in Richmond.

It was reported in June that an Asian man was kidnapped in Richmond due to the large amount he owed to a loan shark. The victim's wife, instead of asking help from the police, contacted other loan sharks to raise the payment to the kidnappers. But with the joint efforts of the authorities, the police eventually found the man unharmed off Jacombs Road.

Four were arrested and two have been charged.

There had been five kidnappings in Richmond during the 2006 and three of the cases involved gambling.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006
John Palmer

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