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Baccarat: James Bonds second favorite pastime

The latest game product from Betfair's sub-brand, Betfair Games is Exchange Baccarat. Previously launched under Maltese Licensing by Betfair and proving popular were Exchange Poker and Exchange Blackjack which have attracted over 35,000 customers. They are now giving the consumer Baccarat. Betfair has created a version of Baccarat that gives gamblers better odds.

Said to be 007 James Bond's favorite pastime (second favorite actually) it is one of the best value games on the internet. As with Betfair's other Exchange Games, the game goes like this, the players bet against each other which gives more life to the game.

In many James Bond movies, he is enjoying the leisurely casino game of Baccarat. Just what is this game that the English spy enjoys so much? Baccarat is actually a very simple card game. There are only two players - the house and an opponent. Everybody else at the table bets to see which one will win. Both players gets two cards. The cards are trying to add up to 9. An Ace is worth 1, a 2-9 are worth their respective points, and face cards are worth nothing.

Bond both enjoy Baccarat and Roulette as a way to relax and unwind after his saving the world escapades. Bond always seems to have his luck with cards. James Bond gives highlights to the game Baccarat. Where in his movies he is always seen playing Baccarat in a casino. That is why Baccarat is James Bond's second favorite pastime.

A few weeks ago the Betfair continued their new products initiative with the launch of Exchange Baccarat - Betfair's take on the classic card game. Exchange Baccarat allows players to set their own odds, sit back and play as the game unfolds.

For the next 6-12 months of the new game the company's spokesman says there will be an aggressive rollout all over the world. The Betfair Games division is currently extending operations to support a full portfolio of games products. The players will have the freedom to post the odds they would like to bet. These odds can then be matched by another player. When the market significantly liquidates a large number of backers and layers, the odds offered in the marketplace will tend towards the real odds of winning.

"Exchange games are a fantastic innovation. Never before has such a level playing field been created for online card gaming. Exchange Baccarat is a better value offer than the traditional game because customers can choose the odds they want to bet at." - Betfair's Director of Games Steve Ives said.


July-23-2006 Sunday
Kate Foster

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