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Casino Baccarat Comps: What to do and What Not to Do

Casino Baccarat comps are going to make a losing player feel a whole lot better. Chances are, you will lose. That's the way casinos make money. It feels good to win, but if you lose, a free room or meal is sure going to make it better for you. Don't worry player, Baccarat comps are easier and safer to collect than any other table game.

Baccarat comps aren't going to be as generous as slot machine comps, but don't let that get to you. There is a reason for it. Slots players lose way more money. Slots, which have the least favorable house edge to the player, are the biggest money maker for casinos.

Baccarat, on the other hand has the most favorable house edge for the player.

Since baccarat is a game that attracts high-rollers, pit bosses tend to be much more observant of players and baccarat comps.

Things to do to get Casino Baccarat Comps:

  • Do sign up for every players club at every casino you go to.
  • Do use every offer they send you. Often there are all kinds of great free things in the mail that benefit your comp points. Don't toss the mail away.
  • Do use good money management which will keep you in the game longer, you'll win more often and you'll get more comps.

Things not to do to get Casino Baccarat Comps:

  • Don't play with more money than you would normally play with just to increase your casino baccarat comps. It isn't worth losing $400 you can't afford for a free breakfast buffet.
  • Don't casino hop. Concentrate on one or two casinos you like to play in and increase your points so you can get more comps.
  • Don't be shy with your card. As soon as you sit down at the baccarat table, pull out your club card and make sure you get rated. For some reason, many beginners often forget to do this or are just too shy to ask to be rated. Stick to online baccarat if you are one of these.

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