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The Baccarat Banque Variant

Baccarat Banque is a version of Baccarat, Here the house always assumes the role of Bank as in Chemin de Fer. Unlike Baccarat Chemin de Fer, the role of Banker does not rotate. The rules are much more complex that normal Baccrat rules. This game is found more often in Europe, and can be found in online baccarat sections of online casinos.

What are the major differences between Baccarat Banque and regular Baccarat?

  • Only three decks of cards are used in the shoe.
  • In the Baccarat Banque variant, the card drawing rules are similar to that of Chemin de Fer.
  • The position of bank does not change. It is played at by the player who wants to bet the most money.
  • Players can only bet up to the amount the banker is risking.
  • There are two player hands: one to the left of the croupier, and one to the right. The seats on the croupier's left bet on the left hand, the seats to his righ, on the right hand.
  • Players can "go bank" and challenge the Banker, betting the Banker's total in order to bust him. He can do this with the hand he was dealt OR, he can go "cheval" and divide his bet between the two player hands.
  • The Player is only allowed to "go bank" three times in a row. If he still loses after a third time, he is not allowed to continue.
  • If the Player suceeds in taking the Bank, the Banker and Player switch seating positions.

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